plant/puppy elemental. currently computering at Slack, previously Turbine Labs, Twitter, and plotly. i like drawing & playing with microcontrollers. she/they.


2016.04 plantokei, microcontrollers + plants + tamagotchi
2016.02 garfbot, Slack bot and loyal familiar
2015.12 Recipe Club, a work-in-progress recipe box with friends. Code is here
2015.09 @tinydnd, a VERY BETA adventure bot
2015.09 tomb.zone, an ascii tombstone generator
2015.05 plantly, a place to keep track of and show off your cute houseplants. (Currently in secret beta!) All of the code is hosted on github.
2015.01 @dungeon_party, a twitter bot that mashes up Craigslist personals ads & the D&D player's handbook.
2015.01 a website for @cpu.
2014.01 @paranoiabot, a twitter bot created during a rewatch of the x-files. its data is from several paranormal-related usenet newsgroups.

Contributor to

Block Together, collaborative blocking to mitigate abuse on Twitter.